Haunted Houses and Other Haunted Attraction Ideas

There are several aspects that go into building a successful haunter attraction, and this article will discuss some of the key elements you should consider when planning your next event. This includes Locations, Scent dispensers, Dynamic lighting, Animatronics, and more. You can even build a full-scale version of your haunted house to elicit as many fears as possible. You’ll want to keep your haunt open all year long so you can continue to grow and attract more guests.


Haunted attractions are typically set up at unusual locations, such as abandoned houses, defunct amusement parks, active prisons, and ships. Some are even outdoors, such as in cornfields or “haunted hayrides”. Haunted houses have a reputation for spookiness and are a popular type of Halloween fun. The houses themselves are designed to scare people, and actors may even perform skits during the show.


Whether you’re interested in building props or animatronics for a haunter attraction, Steve Koci has the book for you. Adapted from his series of articles in SERVO Magazine, “DIY Animatronics,” Steve Koci teaches readers how to make their own animatronic characters. He shows how anyone can build impressive designs that will impress visitors.

Scent dispensers

Scent dispensers are a great addition to any haunter attraction. These devices can be used to add a variety of scents to the air, props, and even clothing. Scent dispensers can be used to create an environment where customers can get a sense of fear and dread. Many haunts use scents from various sources to increase their scare factor. Here are a few common scents found in haunted attractions.

Dynamic lightings

The Halloween industry is a highly competitive one, and many haunter attractions utilize a variety of different effects, including dynamic lighting. Using strobe effects, fog machines, air blasters, and intricate set pieces are just a few of the techniques used. Some haunt attractions even employ actors in elaborate costumes and prosthetics to jump out of their costumes and interact with the audience. Here are some tips to use dynamic lighting to your advantage:

Pneumatic props

Pneumatic props can make your haunter attraction a hit. They are low-maintenance and provide excellent motion to your effects. Pneumatic props are ideal for skeletons or zombies. These pneumatic devices have a high charge of air that shoots out and hisses. These props can shoot out more than 40 feet, which can frighten your guests. You can get these pneumatic props from manufacturers such as ETG and Forgotten Yard Productions.


If you’re considering putting on a haunted attraction, you’ve probably wondered about the different conventions for the industry. These conventions are intended to help the industry by educating individuals in the field of amusement park business. The most popular convention for haunted attractions is the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions (IAAPA). While IAAPA is geared toward business owners, Fun Expo is a smaller, more personal venue where many smaller, independent attractions gather. Fun Expo is geared toward the family fun center market and has business-oriented education, but haunt vendors are increasingly joining this group as well.